New Aeromaster Options for the PT-120 and PT-130

Posted by Ann Pope on Fri, May 09, 2014 @ 14:05 PM

The spring of the year is known for fresh flowers and new ideas. Spring 2014 is no exception with Midwest Bio-Systems’ announcement of two innovative optional features now available for the Aeromaster PT-120 and PT-130.

Midwest Bio-Systems announces a Para-Flex coupler option to upgrade our standard sprocket and coupler chain connection between the gearbox and drum shaft on the PT-120 and PT-130 compost turner models.



In the standard design, power is transmitted fom the gearbox to the drum shaft through two sprockets connected by a coupler chain. The chain coupler transmits power while allowing for some flex between the hood and trailer. In order to maximize the useful life of the chain coupler, after every 500 hours of operation, the coupler cover should be removed, the mechanism  cleaned, and repacked with long term grease.


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The optional Dodge Para-Flex coupler replaces the sprocket and chain connector with a system where the power is transmitted through a molded, non-lubricated elastomeric flexing member loaded in shear.  The relatively maintenance free operation of the heavy duty Para-Flex offers a long operating life without downtime and cost associated with cleaning and greasing the standard sprockets and chain. 

Staying organized at the compost site is never easy, but an optional aluminum tool box for your PT-120 or PT-130 is a great place to start. This waterproof, 18” X 18” X 36” tool box is the perfect place to keep your water nozzle inserts, instruments, windrow records, and, of course, tools. The optional toolbox mounts to the side of the large weight box.


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