Why a Compost Turner is Worth $1,500,000

Posted by Midwest Bio Systems on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 17:04 PM

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$1,500,000 is a lot of money. It is a sum that really catches your attention. You can dream a little (well, a lot) when you think of having an extra 1.5 million dollars in your pocket.

Let me tell you about a farmer in Walnut, Illinois who improved his bottom line by over $100 per acre by using an Aeromaster Compost Turner. We started working with Alan Dale in 2002. He began to test the effect of using Humus compost on 1000 acres of his 2200 acre farm. Each year, he planted a number of different crops.

Alan started using 1/2 ton of Humus Compost per acre while reducing his potassium and phosphorus application by 20% each year. In 2006, he applied none and his nitrogen use decreased from 135 lbs. per acre in 2002 to 80 lbs. per acre in 2006.

To be honest, by 2006 our friend Alan started getting a little nervous. He worried that the yield or quality of his crops would go down (or maybe even both). So, we decided to do a little analysis.

Alan’s confidence grew when he realized that his corn yields were up 10% over his 5 year running average. Pretty impressive, right? His other crops had equal or even greater increases in yield. Alan already had more money in his pocket from using a Compost Turner.

But, it gets better. In 2009, Alan’s fertilizer savings and the benefit of increased yield equaled almost $105.00 per acre. Not only that, Alan noticed that the Humus Compost increased the soil structure and helped the soil manage water.

You are probably still wondering why a Compost Turner is worth $1,500,000. Here’s the real reason why. If Alan had increased his bottom line on all 2200 acres for the same 7 years, he would have added $1,500,000 to his bottom line. Now that starts you dreaming, right?

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